He died one of the best character actors in Hollywood (photos)

Умер один из лучших характерных актеров Голливуда (фото)

In Los Angeles at the age of 80 years died a famous American actor Michael J. Pollard. The death occurred on Wednesday, November 20, due to sudden cardiac arrest. Pollard was in the medical center. Ronald Reagan. During his long career the actor played in the movie a few dozen roles. Worldwide fame brought him the crime drama “Bonnie and Clyde”.

Michael John Pollack (the actor’s real name) was born may 30, 1939, in new Jersey. His parents were Polish. They managed to give their son an education. The acting training Michael was held in new York.

His debut took place in 1959 in the popular television series “Alfred Hitchcock presents”. Pollard played a small role in one of the episodes. Three years later, Director Martin Ritt shot Michael in the film. It was a picture “the adventures of a young man”.

Умер один из лучших характерных актеров Голливуда (фото)Star cast of the film “Bonnie and Clyde” – gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons, Warren Beatty, faye dunaway and Michael J. Pollard

A breakthrough in the career of the actor came only 10 years later. In 1972, screens out drama “Bonnie and Clyde” Arthur Penn. The main roles in this film that has acquired cult status, was performed by Warren Beatty and faye dunaway. But audiences and critics also noted a brilliant game of actors of the second plan. Among them was Michael J. Pollard, gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons. All five were nominated for an Oscar, but the award only got Parsons. Pollard was also nominated for a Golden globe and BAFTA, which was awarded as the best newcomer.

After that, he was doomed to play a specific role of the second plan. Only once Pollard got the lead role in the Western “dirty Little Billy”, he played the legendary bandit Billy the Kidd.

Умер один из лучших характерных актеров Голливуда (фото)Michael J. Pollard and Robert Redford in the movie “Little FAUSS and Big Halsey”

Among the most popular paintings with the participation of Pollard include the “Four horsemen of the Apocalypse”, “Little FAUSS and Big Halsey”, “Melvin and Howard”, “Roxanne”, “American Gothic,” “a New Christmas story,” “tango and cash”, “dick Tracy”, “split second”, “House of 1000 corpses”.

Many colleagues admired the talent of Pollard and his sense of humor. Famous actor Michael J. Fox admitted that he deliberately changed his middle name from Andrew to Jay in honor of Pollard.

Умер один из лучших характерных актеров Голливуда (фото)Michael J. Pollard in 2008

The actor was married to Beth Howland. They have a daughter Holly. But the marriage was short-lived. After eight years of marriage Pollard and Holland broke up.

. Forster died on 11 October from brain cancer.

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