He goes shopping for an iPhone 13 for his wife, and ends up with a block of tiles

He goes shopping for an iPhone 13 for his wife, and ends up with a tile block


A customer who had gone to buy the latest model of the famous Apple brand cell phone was somewhat surprised when he unpacked it on his way home. 

The box of his new acquisition was sealed, however, leaving the buyer perplexed as to how this piece of tiling ended up here, reported Le Parisien.

The man , a Frenchman who lives in the Paris region, had paid 859 euros (1130 Canadian dollars) to give his wife the device, and had tried to check that the box was sealed with two adhesive strips.

What happened?

Following an investigation, the store discovered the scheme of an unscrupulous previous customer to get a cell phone for free.

The latter had bought the phone, before returning after a few minutes to the store to request a refund, with the box still in the factory packaging. Except that this box was not the same as the one purchased earlier, but a counterfeit, with inside a piece of tile cut at the corners, in order to reproduce the weight and shape of the product.

How do I get a refund for tiling?

“I was in all my states, I wondered if they were going to believe me [at the store]”, worried the victim of the scam to the French media.

It was at this point that, with the help of the seller, the man realized that another buyer had been reimbursed for an identical iPhone that same morning, and had paid in cash, in order to avoid being traced.

A complaint has been filed by the store, and an investigation is still underway to find the culprit of the offence.