‘He left half’: the wife of a Russian arms dealer in shock after meeting him in prison in the United States

“Weapons of war” Viktor bout, who is serving a sentence in prison in Illinois for the first time in 7 years, were allowed to meet with his family. About it writes “RIA Novosti”.

'От него осталась половина': жена российского оружейного барона в шоке после встречи с ним в тюрьме в США

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Victor’s wife Alla Bout on Wednesday, September 18, first met her husband Victor, who is serving a sentence in prison Marion (Illinois).

“Today met Alla Bout with her husband Viktor bout”, — reported in the media.

The wife and daughter of Viktor bout arrived in Marion, the US authorities allowed them to hold a series of meetings with Russian.

“He hugged his daughter, who had not seen for eight years, and it was all very touching,” — said the employee of the Russian Consulate General in new York, Artem Tevanyan.

Alla Bout also told about the impressions from the first in 2012 meeting with her husband Victor. About it writes “the Look”.

“I have the feeling that the man whom I saw in new York, in court, exactly half left… We didn’t hold hands, pass something, nothing is impossible, purely visual. Thank God that is not through glass”, — said Alla.

The prison administration has allowed the family booth to visit it four times per week, duration of each meeting is limited to four hours, reminded the Russian Consulate General in Facebook.

“The Russian citizen did not Express any complaints about conditions of detention,” — said the Russian Consulate General in new York.

Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand in 2008 in the Wake of the provocative operations of the American intelligence services. He was charged in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder US citizens, US military personnel, with the aim of material support of terrorism and illicit trafficking of portable missiles “ground-air”.

Russian denies accusations on all points. In Thailand, he has won two of the process for extradition in the first instance, but then, on appeal, decisions of courts of first instance were cancelled.

2012 a jury in new York found the Russians guilty, after which he was sentenced to the minimum sentence for articles he was charged with: 25 years of prison.

His fate was the basis for the Hollywood film “the Merchant of death.”