He put on a thong instead of a mask: United Airlines banned a man from Florida from flying company flights

A Florida man was banned from flying on United Airlines for wearing a red thong as a face mask when boarding a flight. The passenger said he did so in protest against federal requirements to wear masks. The New York Post writes about this.

I put on a thong instead of a mask : United Airlines has banned a Florida man from flying

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Adam Jenn from Cape Coral reported that his antics at Fort Lauderdale airport kicked him off a plane bound for Washington DC.

“This is all nonsense,” & # 8211; Jenn said about the requirements to wear masks on board aircraft.

He also noticed that this is not the first time that he turns red panties into a mask on board an aircraft.

” There was a different response from the flight crew on each flight, & # 8211; commented Jenn. & # 8211; Some laughed, others & # 8211; condemned. “

A United Airlines spokesman said the airline workers ran into this man just before the plane took off.

“The customer clearly did not comply with federal requirements for masks, and we appreciate that our team resolved the problem on the ground prior to takeoff, thereby avoiding any potential air violations”, & # 8211 ; said in a statement.

Although he was taken off the flight, Jenn said he plans to try again with a different airline.

“I hope Spirit Airlines has a better sense of humor,” & # 8211; he summarized.