‘He wanted blood’: the former President of Kirghizia is threatened with life imprisonment, he was accused of murder (PHOTO)


'Ему нужна была кровь': бывшему президенту Киргизии грозит пожизненное заключение, его обвиняют в убийстве (ФОТО)

The head of the state Committee for national security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan Orozbek Orumbaev said that the former President of the country Almazbek Atambayev were going to stage a coup, reports 24.kg.

“He needed blood to make a coup,” said Orumbaev. He also stated that Atambayev before storming the residence, “kept in his entourage of women, children and old people” and paid them money for it, knowing that it comes for the security forces. The head of national security said that initially there were five versions of the storming of the house Atambayev, and the security services chose the first as the best. He also said that the residence state is the bunker, which built combat points.

According to Otumbaeva, Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov didn’t know when GNCB will be engaged in a positive drive state. “The President has instructed not to use weapons, that there was neither a single victim. And the timing of I’ve left behind. I came from the operational environment to the drive. This is not a special operation, and event. Employees went without weapons”, – quotes the Agency “Kabar”.

The victim of the assault party Uson Niyazbekov got shot in the heart. According to Otumbaeva, supporters of Atambaev “shot to the slaughter, to kill,” were also wounded five commandos. He rejected suggestions that niyazbekova could shoot colleagues, since the special forces firearm was not used, reports “Aki”. Atambayev himself conducted aim fire on the special forces. The former President had earlier admitted that he had fired on the soldiers when they went to the third floor of the house. He assured that he was trying to not shoot in the direction of people to to get them.

Orumbaev said that the special operation was conducted on the second day and the first day was “event.” The operation involved 57 members of spetsnaz group “alpha” of the SCNS. The decision about the RAID and the storming of the house of the former President took the interior Minister Kashkar djunushaliev. This was the Minister said at the same press conference. Followed by Otumbaeva moreover, djunushaliev said that police firearms are not used, and only used non-lethal weapons, and the gate of the house Atambayev rammed a police car. In total, these events affected 170 people, including 79 employees of law enforcement agencies, he said.

According to the Minister, he twice tried to negotiate with supporters of Atambaev, but the former President did not agree to the terms of the negotiations, and “made it clear that they will go to extreme measures and will shoot”. According to the head of the interior Ministry, supporters of Atambaev was planning on looting and pillaging. “In this situation, I gave him 10 minutes for meditation and voluntary surrender,” said the Minister (quoted in “Interfax”).

The Prosecutor General Zamir of beishekeev, quoted by “AKIpress”, said Atambayev accused of several very serious crimes, among which – the organization of mass disturbances, organization of murders, the organisation of capture of hostages, as well as the organization of attempt at murder and violence against law enforcement officers. As the public Prosecutor told Utkurbek Jamshidov, Atambayev also suspected of illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition. The former head of state could face life imprisonment.

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan on June 27 voted for deprivation of state immunity and the status of the former President, which gives the possibility of bringing him to criminal responsibility. He is suspected of facilitating the redevelopment of land, corruption in the reconstruction of the Bishkek TPP, the illegal release from prison of the Chechen kingpin Aziz Batukaev, as well as illegal supply of coal to thermal power station of the capital and the illegal obtaining of land for construction of residential houses in the village of Koi Tash, Chui region. The lawyer of ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Slesarev said that the decision of deputies not conforming to the Constitution of the country, and he three times ignored the invitation to appear for questioning at the interior Ministry, stating that the subject of political persecution by the current leadership of the Republic.

On the evening of 7 August, intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan have begun an operation to arrest Atambayev at his residence in the village of Koi-Tash 20 kilometers from the capital. They used against supporters of the former leader non-lethal weapons, they opened fire in response. The Supervisory authority clarify that as a result of collisions with various injuries in Chui and Bishkek territorial hospitals were admitted 47 people, including 22 employees of Committee of national security, two officers and 23 civilians. A member of the Committee of national security, died from gunshot wounds, after injuries received during the assault on the home of former President, went into a coma, the head of the Department of internal Affairs of Chui oblast of Kyrgyzstan Samat Kurmankulov.

After the second storm, which occurred the next day, Atambayev surrendered to law enforcement officers and were taken to the Main investigation Department of the MIA of the Republic. After this assault in the Bishkek centre of traumatology and orthopedics received five people. Four of them – law enforcement officers with gunshot wounds and one civilian, the victim of bullets.

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