He was able to retire at 65: 'I don't owe anyone a penny'

He was able to retire at 65: “I don't owe a penny to anyone»


A 65-year-old ex-self-employed worker who has done maintenance work, heart on his sleeve all his life, is retiring on a tight budget, which does not prevent him from enjoying of life in his own way. 

“I am retiring really not rich, but I have an advantage, I am someone who is not materialistic. I don't owe anyone a penny. My business is paid. I'm an outdoor guy,” says Michel Corriveau.

“I have extraordinary accommodation that costs me next to nothing,” he says.

His eyes water when he talks about his good landlord friend asking him to pay a fraction of his rent to give him some air.

“I have a very small pension, but I have accommodation that costs me practically nothing. I cook a lot. I am an excellent cook. I watch the specials,” he says.

He was able to retire at 65: «I don't owe anyone a penny

He was able to retire at 65: «I don't owe anyone a cent

For Michel Corriveau, happiness is simple: snowshoeing and hiking. His thing: not to embark on the race for trinkets.

“I'm not in the madness that overwhelms everyone at the moment: to have, to have, to have”, continues the one who has found happiness in his walks in the forest.

“I have zero debt. This is what makes me consider myself rich,” he insists.


Like more than 565,000 Quebecers, Michel Corriveau was self-employed, which did not allow him to raise enough money for later.

When asked why he did not , by himself, what was needed aside for later, he retorts that it is far from being so simple.

“When you manage your affairs on your own and the employer don't put anything away, do you know how much to put aside? It makes a huge difference,” he says.

According to him, there is an urgent need to ease the tax burden on retirees.

“Why not help seniors who built the nation while helping companies in need of manpower?” he wonders aloud.

  • In a brief tabled in the House of Commons, Autonomous Workers Quebec (TAQ) points out that the fact of not recognizing the status of the self-employed worker leads to “discrimination”.

– With the collaboration of Hélène Schaff