Head coach of “Liverpool” in favor of disqualification “Manchester city”

Главный тренер "Ливерпуля" высказался о дисквалификации "Манчестер Сити"

Jurgen Klopp (left) and Josep Guardiola

Head coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp said that he thinks regarding the fact that UEFA in 2 years ousted Manchester city from European competition for violation of financial fair play.

“I’m in shock. Just “wow”! Can only speak about the football part. “Syria” has achieved incredible results, and about everything else I don’t know. You always believe the people with whom I work”, – quotes the German coach of the air force.

“I’m really sorry guys, Guardiola and the players but it is what it is. They can go to court to appeal, so we will see what happens next. Of course, the situation is not simple. But the way they acted, it was great and always will be,” said Klopp.

Earlier it was reported that the management of Manchester city organized an emergency meeting with the players and coaches to inform them about the future plans of the club after the UEFA decision on the disqualification.