Head coach of London “Arsenal” recovered from coronavirus

Главный тренер лондонского "Арсенала" вылечился от коронавируса

Mikel Arteta

Head coach of London “Arsenal” Mikel Arteta told about his condition.

“Now I feel really good. Think recovered. It took me three or four days to have more energy, and symptoms left behind” – quoted by Arteta Metropolitan newspaper the Evening Standard.

“I passed the test and I was diagnosed the next day. We immediately reported this to the English Premier League, because everyone who was in contact with me, had to be quarantined. After that, the Premier League decided to suspend the game,” – said the Spanish specialist.

Recall that the mentor “gunners” discovered coronavirus March 13. Then the staff of the club, in the amount of about 100 people, including first team isolated themselves.

Earlier it was reported that professional football in England suspended until at least April 30.