Head coach of the Northern Ireland football left the post due to coronavirus

Главный тренер сборной Северной Ирландии по футболу покинул пост из-за коронавируса

Michael O’neill

Michael O’neill left the post of head coach of Northern Ireland, the press service of the Irish football Association (IFA).

The team had to hold the matches of the playoffs for the right to qualify for the 2020 European championship, but they as the final tournament was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus.

In this regard, the parties decided to cease cooperation.

“After careful consideration and discussions with the Irish football Association I feel that now is the right time to step aside. I would like to lead a team of Northern Ireland in the play-offs and qualify for another major tournament, but the current situation means that it is impossible,” quoted O’neill the official website of the IFA.

“It was important to leave the team in the strongest form, to not only have a better chance of reaching the finals of the European championship, but also to give the new coach time to build on the success we have achieved in eight years,” said 50-year-old British specialist.