Head trump and baby zombie: what tricks are drivers in the US to go for a preferential lane

In Arizona detained the driver who drove the artificial skeleton to use a special lane for transport of passengers. About it writes BBC.

Голова Трампа и ребенок-зомби: какими хитростями пользуются водители в США, чтобы ехать по льготной полосе

Photo: Depositphotos

Police noticed dressed and tied to the seat frame skeleton, and then asked the 62-year-old man out of the car. Subsequently, the driver got a ticket.

The state government said that every year the rules of use of preferential lanes break about 7,000 drivers.

The Department of public safety also warned other drivers not to resort to such antics.

The message of the Department of public safety contains Twitter photo with the car where the passenger seat sits a “skeleton” dressed in a camouflage hat.

Голова Трампа и ребенок-зомби: какими хитростями пользуются водители в США, чтобы ехать по льготной полосе

Screenshot: Twitter/@Arizona_DPS

Driver from Arizona was not the first who dared to take questionable steps to circumvent the rules that car drivers without passengers are unable to use the preferential lanes.

What is the feature of such lanes that drivers willing to break the law and pay the fine, but still does not leave attempts to call on her? The fact is that subsidized strip (it is often called “capsules”) can drive only cars with passengers.

In addition to this band there are no traffic jams, that is, until you drive on a normal runway for hours waiting for the traffic to decrease, in karulu drivers go free.

Also in the US there are so-called stop for those who want to pick up passengers. Although in the States, few people want to take their car to a stranger, but the prospect to stand in a traffic jam a few hours less tempting. Therefore, the drivers often pick up hitchhikers that allows you to quickly and without traffic jams to reach the destination of preferential lane. Some drivers come up with different ways to trick the police, “creating” their own passengers from improvised means.


The driver of Washington state are tired of long trips to work. Instead of allowing cars with passengers to overtake him again and again, he decided to join them, seated on the passenger seat plastic skeleton in a hoodie, says Reader’s Digest.

The motorist went so for several months before, was finally caught, earning himself a fine of $454.

The corpse

Honestly, the car was a hearse, the driver was the undertaker, and the body was in a coffin. The driver claimed in court that the coffin in the back seat should be considered as the second passenger in his car.

Corporate documents

According to the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme court regarded corporations as people — so why is the decision on transport needs to be different? So I thought one California man when his only passenger was the incorporation documents for his business, strapped to the passenger seat. The judge didn’t buy it and forced the man to pay a fine in the amount of $478.

The Head Of Donald Trump

The driver from Washington state has attached a cardboard head trump to the front of the passenger seat.

The most interesting man in the world

Another variation on the theme of passengers out of cardboard (also from Washington) is a bust of the character of the Dos Equis “Most interesting man in the world”, dressed in t-shirt and tightly fastened.

A bottle of champagne in the car seat

Traffic police are able to quickly detect fraud. But even the California officer Alvin Yamaguchi had a good sweat to bring the fraudster to clean water. “He had a blanket covering a child seat, said Yamaguchi. — I pointed to it and asked to remove. Under the blanket was a bottle of champagne”.


Favorite story officer Yamaguchi about the guy in the passenger seat was strapped in an adult German shepherd. “This guy told me that it should not be fined because the dog is a family member,” says Yamaguchi.

Passengers for hire

From 2003 to April 2016 for the movement at a special band in Jakarta, Indonesia, it was required that the car was at least three passengers. For many motorists, it became more profitable to hire additional passengers. One 23-year-old woman, the passenger of a professional since 2012, has earned thus to life, 20 000 rupees (about $280) for one trip to her and her child.

A female mannequin in a hoodie

Officer of California police Department Brea stopped the truck to reprimand the driver about his reckless changing lanes. It was then that he discovered that the passenger of the man was armless because it was a mannequin dressed in a hoodie.

A male mannequin in a wig

In Virginia, the driver put the dummy in an elegant button-down shirt and wig in the style of Bieber. He was also wearing a seat belt.

Child zombie

The same Washington police officer who caught the most interesting man in the world, shared some of his findings: in the car without a seat were wearing a pale doll with a hideous grimace of zombies. This is an example of bad security, even for zombies.

Pillow in a vest

New York woman shoved a pillow in denim vest. Pillow is not very suited for the role of fake passengers, even in clothes it will give the lack of hands.

Firewood in a hoodie

Man from long island stopped for speeding and then wrote out the second penalty for his “wooden passenger”.

Big Teddy bear

19-year-old girl was pulled over for speeding, she did not have insurance. As a passenger, and it appeared to be a giant Teddy bear in the passenger seat. For all three crimes the girl was fined more than $800.

Hybrid car

In Ontario (Canada) a hybrid electric vehicle may use the lane for cars with passengers, even if they are involved in one driver. While the car has a special “green license plate” drivers are single is not terrible tube.