Headstrong Panda cub tries to escape from the kindergarten for baby pandas (video)

Своевольный детеныш панды пытается сбежать из детского сада для малышей-панд (видео)

Not only human children are sometimes reluctant to go to kindergarten. In a zoo in China filmed a funny scene from the lives of young pandas. In the video, the employee tries to leave kids alone in a cage designed for them — a special “kindergarten” for pandas. However, one of the cubs does not want to stay there and follow the person trying to come out with him outside. The employee picks up rebel and another Panda and talking with them far into the enclosure, leaving them on the swings. At the time, like a second baby quite happy situations, the first fidget jumps off the swing and again playfully runs behind the Keeper, but he this time manages at the last moment to close the door behind him. So pendence have to stay in the “nursery”.

The video has generated emotion and excitement among users of the network. “You just look at these fluffy butts!”, “Adorable!” — wrote in the comments.

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