Health crisis: Éric Duhaime demands a public inquiry into the role of McKinsey

Health crisis: Éric Duhaime demands a public inquiry into the role of McKinsey


QUEBEC | Detecting “an appearance of conflict of interest” Éric Duhaime called for an independent public inquiry to examine the role of the firm McKinsey in the management of the health crisis in Quebec.  

This is what the Conservative leader demanded on Friday morning, in response to an article published by Radio-Canada. The public broadcaster revealed several elements on “the central role” played by this private firm of consultants who billed the Quebec government for $35,000 a day during the COVID-19 crisis.  

It's not so much the total cost of the contract ($6.6 million) that bothers Mr. Duhaime. On the other hand, several other elements seem to him very problematic.  

“What bothers me is the complete lack of transparency. What bothers us is that government documents that bear the government logo and acronym were actually produced by an independent firm. What bothers me is that this firm had contracts with a pharmaceutical company, while it recommended that the government discuss with Pfizer (and) make an agreement with Pfizer when it was its own client. , he listed. 


Believing that Prime Minister Legault was only McKinsey's “ventriloquist” during the health crisis, Mr. Duhaime has called on other opposition parties to join his request for a commission of inquiry.

Is it not paradoxical that the champion of private enterprise, usually so critical of the cumbersomeness and bureaucracy of the Quebec state, opposes a contract awarded to a private company?  

“It is true that it is still curious that it is we, today, who defend the role of an independent public service, he agreed. But at the same time, it takes firewalls in situations like this between the public and the private. Each has its functions to play. In this case, obviously, there was a very clear mix of roles.”  


In another vein, Mr. Duhaime did not seem worried by a Segma Research poll, published today in Le Soleil and FM93, which gave him eight points behind his caquiste rival. Sylvain Lévesque (35% against 43%) in the voting intentions in Chauveau. 

“I am delighted because last week it was 15 points (difference)”, he said. he downplayed by repeating that there will be a blitz in this constituency over the weekend. He again insisted on the importance of getting the vote out. 

Éric Duhaime did not want to come forward on a scenario in which his party would elect one or more deputies to the National Assembly while failing to win the leader himself.   

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