Health organization called for an end to the promotion of the vaping products (PHOTOS)

Организации здравоохранения призвали положить конец продвижению вейпинг-продукции  (ФОТО)

On Thursday, representatives of the eight leading canadian health organizations said that the authorities should take urgent steps to avoid further risk of serious disease from vaping.

Group asking for a temporary order to reduce the sale of vaping products to limit the available flavors and regulate the nicotine level.

Representatives said that the products for vaping should be treated the same as tobacco products.

“Youth vaping has become a public health crisis,” – said at a press conference, Dr. sandy Buchman, President of the Canadian medical Association.

The interim order will enable the government to enact regulations for up to 12 months while developed permanent regulations.

Organizations are asking all Federal parties to commit themselves to issue such an order within 60 days after the beginning of the formation of the government, that is, from 21 Oct.

In addition to the Canadian medical Association, the group includes “the canadian cancer society, Canadian Association for pulmonary diseases”, “the Quebec coalition for tobacco control”, the “Heart & Stroke”, “Campaign for the Ontario tobacco control” and “Physicians for Canada smokefree”.

The organization has recommended that restrictions on advertising similar to the restrictions on advertising of tobacco products, to eliminate most, if not all, flavored products and limit nicotine levels at 20 mg/ml in accordance with European Union standards.

Speakers on Thursday did not call for a complete ban of vaping, admitting that sometimes he helps people to quit Smoking or reduce the harmful consequences of the use of cigarettes.

Measures concerning advertising, for example, will not apply to a specialized vaping stores open for adults only.

Organization focused on the negative health risks associated with the growth rates of vaping among young people, and the steps necessary to halt this trend.

A study conducted at the request of the Ministry of health of Canada, published this year, showed that 20% of high school students confirm the use of products for vaping, and 14.3% of children aged 13 and 14 years.

Cynthia Callard, Executive Director of the “Physicians for Canada smokefree,” said vaping products over the past few years has undergone several changes, becoming more addictive, attractive and accessible to young people.

“In short, the tobacco companies hooked children for vaping products in the same way as they had hoisted their parents and grandparents on cigarettes,” said Callard.

On Thursday the company Imperial Tobacco Canada issued a statement which says that the solution of emerging health problems which are caused by the vaping, is in the “compliance with existing restrictions on the sale to young people and ban flavors that attract young people” and also in the standards, providing better quality and safety of products.

Call the canadian medical associations appeared on the news of a serious illness associated with vaping in London, as well as hundreds of cases in the United States, including seven deaths.

President Donald trump promised to ban flavored vaping products in the United States. On Wednesday, the Minister of health Ginette Petipa Taylor stated that health Canada engaged in standards development, although the government has not undertaken to make any changes.