Hearing loss affects memory loss

Scientists have found that the negative impact on the brain begins years before people notice hearing loss. These deterioration causes changes in the structure of the brain and accelerate aging.

Потеря слуха влияет на потерю памяти

Deafness may harm our memory, and this effect begins in the years before we will notice the hearing loss. In recent years, scientists have obtained sufficient evidence that between hearing loss and reduced cognitive performance there is a strong connection. And now researchers have shown that even the earliest stages of deafness when the person is able to hear whispers, still have a negative effect on the brain. Due to problems with the perception of sound signals, the brain starts to work differently, it changes its structure and shape, accelerating the aging process.

Deaf people also often tend to isolate themselves from others because they can’t communicate normally. But social isolation is also one of the main reasons for the decline in cognitive performance and memory loss. The exact cause of dementia is still unknown, but there is information about what intellectual load for the brain reduce the risk of dementia. Learning new things, as well as constant contact with people strengthen the brain and increase its resistance to age-related injuries and disorders.

The study showed that hearing loss for every additional 10 decibels causes a significant decrease in cognitive abilities. These findings were obtained by researchers from Columbia University in the U.S. who watched the 6 451 adult with a mean age of 59 years. All of them passed through the assessment of cognitive skills and hearing tests. Information about the study publishes the British newspaper The Daily Mail.