‘Heartbreaking and obscene stories’: niece trump wrote a book about the President

The niece of the President of the United States Mary trump is going to publish a book this summer and to tell that it was the main source of the investigation, the New York Times on taxes trump. Daughter of the late brother Donald trump promises to tell a “harrowing and nasty” stories about the President, writes The Daily Beast.

'Душераздирающие и непристойные истории': племянница Трампа написала книгу о президенте

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55-year-old Mary trump, the daughter of Fred trump, Jr. and eldest granddaughter of Fred trump Sr., should release a book called “Too much is never enough” (Too Much And Never Enough) on 11 August, just weeks before the Republican national Convention.

According to people familiar with the project, one of the most explosive revelations that Mary will describe in detail in the book, is how it has played a crucial role in helping the New York Times to publish explicit material on taxes trump. Information included how he was involved in “fraudulent” tax scheme and received more than $ 400 million in today’s money from real-estate Empire of his father.

As she is about to describe in his book, Mary was the main source of the investigation, noted Pulitzer prize, and has provided tax returns Fred trump Sr. and other confidential financial documentation families.

The details of this book are carefully guarded by her publisher Simon & Schuster, but The Daily Beast has learned that Mary plans to include interviews with sister trump, a Federal judge, Maryann trump Barry, which contain personal and judgmental thoughts about her brother.

Mary trump was kept away from public opinion and not played publicly for decades, but in 2000, amid a fierce family court because of the will of Fred trump Sr., she told the New York Daily News: “Given this family, it would be extremely naive to say that it has nothing to do with money. But for me and for my brother it’s so much more to do with the fact that our father [Fred Jr.] will be recognized,” said she.

Fred trump Jr., the firstborn and the once-heir to the Empire his father worked for Trans World Airlines after he retired from the family business. He died in 1981 at the age of 42 from a heart attack due to complications caused by alcoholism, leaving his son Fred-and a third daughter, Mary, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology.

The circumstances of transition Fred trump, Jr. to alcoholism are also published in the book, stating that Donald and Fred trump, Sr. contributed to his death and neglected to help in the critical stages of its dependencies.

In an interview with 2019 Donald trump admitted that he put pressure on his brother because of his career choice, but regrets it.

“I’m sorry to have put pressure on him,” said trump to The Washington Post. He added that the family business — “just what brother I never wanted”.

“This was not the case… I think we made the mistake of assuming that everyone will like it. It was the biggest mistake… he was put under double pressure,” admitted trump.

After children Fred Jr. filed a court case against the family — challenging the will of his grandfather, and claiming that his last will “obtained by fraud and undue influence” by the Donald and his brother and sisters, they were brought to the fore the rough handling of the Donald family members. Remember how trump together with her sister Maryann and brother Robert stopped medical care of a sick child of his nephew William, who was born with cerebral palsy. According to family, the move was payback for trying to Mary and Fred-the third challenge will trump the older.


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