Heat in Siberia and wildfires in the Arctic: what is happening to the planet and what to expect next

Meteorological Agency, the UN warns that average temperatures in Siberia last month to 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than the average for this period, which caused severe heat, which has led to devastating fires on the Arctic circle, writes ABC News.

Жара в Сибири и пожары в Арктике: что происходит с планетой и чего ожидать дальше

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On Friday, July 24, the meteorological Agency, the UN warned that the increased average temperature in Siberia is called the exceptional heat wave that fanned destructive fires in the Arctic circle and contributed to the rapid depletion of the sea ice cover in the Russian Arctic.

“The Arctic is warming two times faster than the average, which affects the local population and ecosystems and has global implications,” said 24 July, the Secretary-General of the world Meteorological Organization petteri Taalas.

He noted that the Earth’s poles affects the weather conditions at large distances that touches hundreds of millions of people.

Earlier in the WMO referred to the data in 38 degrees Celsius in the Russian city of Verkhoyansk June 20. This figure was called the record high temperature for the Arctic circle. The entire region covered fires, satellite images show large-scale spread of fire.

The Agency said that the heat associated with large “locking system” pressure and deviation to the North of the air flow, which inject warm air into the region. But the WMO also pointed to a recent study by the leading climate scientists, which found that this increase of heat would be almost impossible without anthropogenic climate change.

In WMO reported that information compiled by the National data center for snow and ice USA and the National centre for ice USA, showed that the Siberian heat wave “has accelerated the retreat of the ice along the Arctic coast of Russia, which led to a very small extent of sea ice in the Laptev sea and the Barents sea”.



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