Heavy fine for a known psychiatrist

Heavy fine for a famous psychiatrist


Incapable of admitting his wrongdoing, so much so that it is believed that he is at risk of reoffending, psychiatrist Louis Morissette was sentenced by his professional order to a fine of $10,000 for having carried out an “expertise » bogus 14 years ago.

« He does not recognize any fault […] and therefore does not see what he could change in his practice. The disciplinary process does not seem to have a deterrent effect on him either,” laments the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians in a recent decision.

Dr. Morissette, well known for his testimony in major trials, including those of Karla Homolka and Guy Turcotte, had however been harshly blamed last February. Because far from the spotlight, in 2008, he had carried out an “expertise” based on the wind.

At the time, Louis Morissette had accepted a mandate from André Lalonde, then dean of the University of Ottawa, to give his psychiatric opinion on physics professor Denis Rancourt. Without ever trying to reach the latter and based on dubious information, the psychiatrist had produced an alarming report.

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“This is an offense that lies at the very heart of the medical profession”, is it lamented in the decision.

In fact, the report was so bogus that the Disciplinary Board even refused to call it “opinion, assessment or expertise”.

Finally dismissed, Professor Rancourt then undertook proceedings against the psychiatrist. And 14 years later, the sanction finally fell. While the Complainant was hoping for at least a two-year disbarment, Dr. Morissette got away with a fine. 

Dr. believed that at worst, a reprimand would have been sufficient. < /p>

Dr. Morissette will also have to pay certain costs related to the file.

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