Heavy rains and strong wind: Florida will strike first storm of the hurricane season

Arthur, the first named storm of hurricane season is likely to emerge on Friday or Saturday (may 15th or 16th) off the coast of Florida, according to CNN.

Проливные дожди и сильный ветер: на Флориду обрушится первый шторм сезона ураганов

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1 June — the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, but the sixth consecutive year, the first tropical storms formed over the Atlantic before this date.

“It is likely that this low pressure center may become tropical or subtropical storm by late Friday evening or Saturday (may 15 and 16) near the North-Western part of the Bahamas,” reads the statement of the National hurricane center (NHC).

According to the Center, there is an 80% chance that this weather event will turn into a storm system with a name.

Regardless of whether it will receive the name or not, the storm will bring heavy rains in some parts of the Florida Keys, Southeast Florida and the Bahamas on Friday and Saturday.

The wind gusts are also possible across the region.

“This weekend (16 and 17 may) and the beginning of next week possible dangerous surf conditions and dangerous striker of the flow along sections of the South-East coast of the USA”, — stated in the message the NHC.

Most models predicted meteorological situation suggest that the storm some time remain in the South-Eastern coast of the US before they moved on to the Atlantic.

The Pacific is also observed interesting start to the tropical season. 25 APR tropical depression ONE-E formed South of the Mexican region of Baja California, becoming the first such meteoalarm recorded in April in the Eastern Pacific ocean.

This situation contrasts with the Western part of the Pacific ocean where tropical season started unusually late in the eighth times since 1950.

If this system in the Atlantic will be named, it will be named Arthur. It can be classified as subtropical and.

“Subtropical storm is a hybrid between a conventional low pressure zone of cold core and a pure tropical system with a warm core,” explained CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen.

Проливные дожди и сильный ветер: на Флориду обрушится первый шторм сезона ураганов

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To a subtropical storm became a hurricane, it should become fully tropical — with warm engine, and then to develop the strength of the wind, before the performance of the hurricane.

“This potential storm is unlikely to become a full-fledged storm, said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. Nevertheless, taking into account the increased temperature of the ocean during the greater part of the year, probably the middle of may will be a new season of tropical storms”.

Although currently the system is largely unorganised, it is expected to move into an area with less wind shear, which is much more favourable environment and will enable the storm to become more organized and powerful.

The ocean surface temperature remains higher than the average for the Atlantic — with the exception of the colder North Atlantic. Warm water on the surface is the fuel, necessary for development of a hurricane.

Currently published more than a dozen early predictions about storm systems this year. Although official data from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration are predicting the first storm early on 21 may, forecasts for the industry indicate that Atlantic expects active hurricane season.



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