Helen Mirren arrives for the premiere of “Catherine the great” in the palanquin

74-year-old actress arrived to the premiere in a palanquin, which carried men in suits Russian serfs. Why Helen Mirren chose this purely Eastern vehicle, not a coach or, in extreme cases, the three, more suitable to the Russian Empress, remains a mystery.

Хелен Миррен прибыла на премьеру «Екатерины Великой» в паланкине

Four-part project, “Catherine the Great” tells the story of Catherine II — Russian Empress from 1762 to 1796, the year of her reign, which was push the boundaries of the Russian Empire and the reformed system of public administration. There is a TV series and a love story — a novel of Catherine with Prince Grigory Potemkin, played by Jason Clarke.

Recall that Helen Mirren has Russian roots. The father of the actress, which at birth given name is Elena Mironov, was a Russian nobleman who emigrated to Britain during the revolution.

Play royals Mirren is also not the first time Helen had performed the role of Cesoni in the controversial “Caligula” of Tinto Brass, the Queen Charlotte in “the Madness of king George” of Hytner, Elizabeth I in the mini-series in 2005 and Elizabeth II in “the Queen” 2006 Frears.