Helen Mirren called slander accusation of Catherine the great in debauchery

The famous English actress Helen Mirren, who embodied on-screen image of Russian Empress, says slander all accusations of corruption that heard in the address of Catherine II. The actress, who played not one crowned person believes that the negative image generated by the detractors of the daughter of Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst and misogynists. The mini-series “Catherine the Great” will be released on October 3rd.

Хелен Миррен назвала клеветой обвинения Екатерины Великой в разврате

Helen Mirren called terrible by the fact that the modern history of distorting the image of Catherine the great, accusing it of corruption. She was a successful and influential woman in my life which was not more than 5 novels. One has only to look, behave like Louis XIV or Henry VIII, who had several wives and mistresses. However, their behavior is considered normal. Contemporary women artist recommended that it is better to think about how many love Affairs were in their own lives. Helen Mirren admitted that working on this character to give her real pleasure, especially after her role of Elizabeth I who never married and remained a spinster. The artist believes that the eighteenth-century attitude towards sex was much more relaxed. Modern people come out of the Victorian era, but the current generation to this topic different attitude. Female sexuality has become more popular.

Helen Mirren said, she dreams that the audience will remember the other qualities of the Empress and appreciate her abilities and intellect. She came to the throne as a foreigner, but managed to get things under full control, and then retained power that was a huge achievement.