Helen Mirren remembered a funny incident that happened to her during a tea party with Queen Elizabeth

Helen, received the “Oscar” for the role of Elizabeth II in the 2006 film “the Queen”, was once invited by Her Majesty at tea.

Хелен Миррен вспомнила забавный случай, произошедший с ней во время чаепития с королевой Елизаветой

It was in the stables, and came to me from her people: “the Queen knows you’re here, and she invites you to tea.” Well, I think I can manage. And agreed, because I was sure that besides me there are another 200 people. Since I know that, because earlier I met her, and at that meeting there were at least two hundred people. And here I enter into the room, and the table is only 8 people: Prince Philip, the Queen herself, some Sheik, some other riders. I that you understand, I know nothing about horses, and the Queen knows all about them, — what to say?

The actress admitted that “desperately trying to have a polite conversation, but it was absolute nonsense”.

Then I poured a Cup of tea. The Queen at this time were lively discussing with Prince Philip the contents of the sandwich: “what is this? And here what?” I love tea with milk. And it, unfortunately, was on the other side of the Prince. I wanted to ask him to pass it, but the brain is completely disconnected — I couldn’t remember how to refer to Prince Philip. Sir? Your Majesty? Your Highness? Would not it be impolite to ask him to pass the milk? Or should I just ask for help? In the end, I was left without milk. I just could not handle it, —

told Helen.

So the meeting, despite the awkwardness, left in memory of the actress’s warmest memories.

It taught me a lesson. But they were nice and extremely helpful —

added Mirren.