Herbal preparations may interfere with the treatment of breast cancer

Popular herbal medicines like turmeric, ginger and garlic can affect the success in the treatment of breast cancer. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Portugal.

Растительные препараты могут помешать лечению рака груди

Skin cream and herbal preparations can interfere in the treatment of breast cancer, an experienced oncologists. At advanced stages of breast cancer, there is increased risk of ulcers on the skin, which many patients are trying to deal with them different kinds of creams for external use and herbal drugs. However, the researchers from Portuguese Nova Medical School argue that this not only slows the wound healing, but also adversely affects hormonal therapy or chemotherapy. Herbal therapy using garlic or ginger prevents blood clotting, which appears on the skin large number of scars. About it writes The Daily Mail.
Professor Maria joão Cardoso, representing the results of this study at the conference for Advanced Breast Cancer in Lisbon, said that the treatment of ginger causes much more harm than good. Indeed, there is a long list of complementary medicine means that patients can try, but there is no evidence that they can effectively treat skin ulcers. Professor Cardoso stressed that many of the patients even do not consult physicians for this reason.
There are varieties of folk medicine, especially plant-based products, which can negatively affect the success in the treatment of cancer. Many of the components of complex herbal products and their ingredients slow down the healing and reduce the effectiveness of systemic therapy. Laboratory studies show that certain foods slow down blood clotting, which is necessary for wound healing.