Hid the ice cream and secretly gave cauliflower: how trump tried to teach healthy eating

Former White house doctor Ronny Jackson said that he tried to teach the President of the United States Donald trump to a healthy diet, but it did not work. He stated this in an interview with The New York Times, The Guardian writes.

Прятали мороженое и тайком давали цветную капусту: как Трампа пытались приучить к здоровому питанию

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Jackson said that trump could live to 200, if he improved his heavy diet, consisting of junk food, and admitted that he secretly put cauliflower in mashed potatoes, which were intended for the President.

“Exercise did not work as I planned it. But we worked on his diet. We have limited access to ice cream, added cauliflower to the mashed potatoes,” – said the doctor.

52-year-old retired naval Admiral left the White house in December 2019 and is currently running for Congress in Texas.

He worked with three presidents, but the popularity of when in January 2018, said that trump’s “incredibly good genes”, and “if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he could live up to 200 years.”

At the last medical examination of the President, it became clear that trump, who is now 73 years old, has gained four pounds (1.8 kg).

Trump has appointed Jackson to lead the Department of veterans Affairs, but the doctor retired amid controversy about his qualifications for such a role in the White house.

Jackson said he didn’t regret that missed the chance to go in trump. He also said that he had not used the services of trump in his campaign in Texas.



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