High court of justice of Israel rejected a petition rossiyaninu Burkova not to extradite him to the US (PHOTO)

Высший суд справедливости Израиля отклонил прошение россияннина Буркова не выдавать его в США (ФОТО)

High court of justice of Israel rejected a petition rossiyaninu Alexey Burkov held in Israeli prison at the request of the American in 2015, not to extradite him to the US and left in force signed on 30 October by the Minister of justice of Israel Amir Ohana a warrant for his extradition to the United States, reports TASS with reference to Israeli state radio, “Kan”.

Now a Russian citizen can be extradited to the United States “at any time”, said on Sunday the Agency of his attorney Michael Ironi.
“Now Burkova extradition can be made at any time – today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, – because U.S. marshals have two weeks here,” he said.

According to Ironi, the decision on the results Burkova “final, nothing to change in relation to his extradition to the US impossible.”
The lawyer Russians also noted that the outcome of the High court of justice of Israel petitions Burkova “found out from the media, and the solution itself is not even seen.”

The Russian was detained December 13, 2015, at the request of the United States during the passport control upon departure from Israel, his case was considered by the District court of Jerusalem behind closed doors. American authorities insist on extradition of Russian citizen in connection with their alleged evidence of his involvement in cybercrime.

The Russian side has also sent a request to Israel to extradite Burkova.

Case Burkova were directly connected with the case of Sviridenko Naamah Issachar, which on 11 October the Khimki city court found guilty of smuggling narcotic drugs in large amount and appointed her a sentence of seven years and six months in a penal colony. 25-the summer citizen of Israel and the United States were arrested on 9 April at Sheremetyevo, where did transplant on the way from Delhi to tel Aviv and waiting for your flight without leaving the transit area of the Moscow airport.

On her Luggage drew the attention of sniffer dogs and customs officers of Department on struggle against contraband found in the backpack of 9.6 grams of drugs, which examination found as hashish.
1 November, Israeli court at the request of the family of Naama Isaachar has suspended the procedure of extradition of a Russian Burkova in the United States after a petition with family of Issachar, and the protection Burkov has filed a complaint against the decision of his extradition to the United States.

However, on 5 November, the Jaffa Issachar, mother convicted in Russia of the Israelite Naamah Issachar, through his lawyers asked to withdraw the petition with a request to suspend the extradition to the US of a Russian citizen.

Jaffa Issachar explained that the request was hard for her decision. However, she doesn’t want her daughter “became a tool for Russian hacker and its people.” She expressed the hope that the conditions of detention of Naamah in the Russian colony will not deteriorate because of her decision to forgo a possible exchange.