High school student has discovered a new planet in three days internship at NASA

New York student can add to his resume a point: “the discovery of the planet during the internship at NASA,” writes People.

Старшеклассник открыл новую планету через три дня стажировки в NASA

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Wolfe Cookie I clerked last summer using NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA in Maryland, where it was found TOI 1338 b — a planet orbiting two stars instead of one. It was found out during the study of the information obtained using the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

“I looked at the data, everything that the volunteers have been obscured binary system in which two stars revolve around each other and Eclipse each other every orbit,” said 17-year-old Cookie.

“About three days after my internship I saw a signal from a system called TOI 1338”, he added.

He continued: “at First I thought it was stellar Eclipse, but not the same. This proved to be a planet.”

According to NASA, TOI 1338 b — the first near-earth planet discovered TESS. The planet is about 6.9 times more Land — almost the size of Saturn and is placed in the system at a distance of 1300 light years away in the constellation of Piktor.

NASA reports that the earth revolves around two stars every 95 days. One star is about 10 percent more than our Sun, and the other is more cold and dull, which is only a third of the mass of our Sun.

The Agency announced that planetary Cokie findings were presented during a panel discussion at the meeting of the American astronomical society in Honolulu, and in a scientific journal an article was submitted in collaboration with a high school student.

A teenager who just finished a year in high school, Scarsdale, when he made the discovery, has compared TOI 1338 b with the fictional planet Tatooine.

“I found the planet, which rotates around two stars. If you think about Luke’s home world, Tatooine from “Star wars”, it is this: every sunset will be two stars”, — he said.

Although the teenager is credited with the discovery Cookie said he could not name the planet, because “planet discovered TESS, get a room TOI if they have no other meaningful name.”