High taxes in California are insufficient to pay for basic services in San Francisco

Residents of San Francisco pay some of the highest taxes in the state, but more than a dozen areas continue to charge property owners mandatory fees for the financing of services which the city cannot provide. For what to pay the owners of local business, tells Fox News.

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“Since January of this year, we pay extra one thousand dollars a year to pay for the upkeep and cleanliness of the streets,” says Gilles De Saulieu, who runs a grocery store.

Eighteen areas of San Francisco voted for the creation of Community Benefit Districts that charge property owners mandatory fees for the provision of services, such as private police, graffiti removal and cleaning of the sidewalk.

“One of our biggest supporters — the district social welfare Castro. The inhabitants live on these streets, they pay for our services,” says Cody Clements, a member of the special police patrolling San Francisco, which provides security services in the Castro district.

Clements is essentially a private police, which was approved by the city authorities and regulates the Police Commission of San Francisco. However, it is not part of the police Department of San Francisco and its services are funded by private individuals and organizations, not the city.

“The best way to describe it — social security, because we pay the people who live in areas where we operate,” says Clements.

Most of the working day, he responds to complaints about the homeless.

“The most common calls I get from residents that live at this street, Hancock street, are as follows: “Someone puts up a tent in front of my house” or ” Here homeless digging in the garbage, create a mess and throw garbage in the street,” he says.

House next door sold for $ 4 million, but even residents of affluent areas are dissatisfied with the job the city government of San Francisco.

“Business owners got together and said, “If we want a higher level of service, we need to create Community Benefit Districts,” says Clements.

Some areas of San Francisco are struggling to restore order.

“We pay taxes, fees and other payments, so we can have clean and safe streets, but I don’t see the difference,” said John Handlery, managing a hotel near Union square. His guests regularly complain about the street conditions near his hotel.

“They are concerned about cleanliness, the fact that they sometimes do not feel safe, and then you see people sleeping on the sidewalks, and they’re bewildered,” said he.

Bad street conditions affected the hotels in San Francisco. Last month, the technology company Oracle announced the postponement of the annual Congress of OpenWorld from San Francisco to Las Vegas, citing “bad street conditions.” This step will cost the city $ 64 million per year.

In 2018 a major Chicago medical Association, which refused to be called, brought its Convention from San Francisco, including due to unsafe streets. The move cost the city about $ 40 million.

“The quality of streets and the conditions that make these conventions to leave San Francisco and cause dissatisfaction of tourists, now have a ripple effect that goes far beyond just the people on the streets. This is a serious economic issue for the city,” said Handlery.