Hilary Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan got married!

Surprise! Hilary Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are married! The pair secretly tied the knot October 5 on what they announced to the public only this Monday.

Хилари Бертон и Джеффри Дин Морган поженились!

Newlyweds! Hilary Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are officially husband and wife! Couple novel which has lasted long enough, at last logically completed. The lovers were married on October 5, both stars said on Monday, sharing photos
from the day of their wedding. Although it is unclear exactly where the wedding took place, a 37-year-old Hilary described the ceremony as “personal and magic” on his official page in Instagram.

“Last weekend was the best in my life. There are dozens of people whom I must thank. So bear with me next week when I’ll introduce you to an amazing group of people who gave us this wonderful moment,” wrote

Hilary a black and white photo of the newlyweds standing together in the courtyard.

“But before we do something like that, Jeff and I just want to know that we are finally married! Seriously. We lived as husband and wife for over a decade. We have built a family that I dreamed of and found his thing.”

The actress continued to correct the false message about the relationship of the couple. “For many years, the publication reported that we had once had a wedding and I’ve been married and divorced. It’s all a lie”, — she wrote, citing article, which States that it
was married to the former assistant Director of One Tree Hill by Ayan Prange from 2004 to 2009. Also, Hilary wrote: “Our wedding was on the truth of the magic, this is I dreamed of. So yeah. I’m Mrs. Morgan.”

Хилари Бертон и Джеффри Дин Морган поженились!

53-year-old Jeffrey also made your post in Integrum to confirm the wedding news 7 Oct. “I would have to say something, but I won’t. The words are unnecessary. I love my dear wife, she makes me the happiest man in the world”.

Especially fans of the pair liked the black and white picture, where the newlywed couple is pictured with their children, 9-year-old son Gus, and 19-month-old daughter Georgie, and one of the star friends Hilary on the set with Sophia Bush.

“It was a very intimate ceremony”, signed Jeffrey group photo, noting that his “Supernatural companion” Jensen Ackles and his colleague on the film “Walking dead” Norman Reedus led their ceremony. “Thank you to all our friends and family. Without a doubt, it was the best day of our lives. I never thought that this day could be so perfect!