Hip operation: an ordeal for a year or pay $28,000

Hip surgery: an ordeal for a year or pay $28,000


A father of three from the greater Montreal area suffering from hip pain for 23 months, so much so that climbing stairs is painful, has the choice of paying $28,000 privately to have surgery in a few weeks or to wait more than a year in suffering for a place to become available in the public network. 

In an interview with QUB radio, the man, who prefers to speak on condition of anonymity, mentioned that he is unable to walk around his block with the children without pain and that climbing stairs is dreadful for him. 

“I end the day in extreme pain. I was very active before, but now I can't do anything anymore,” said the former high-level football player at the microphone of Benoit Dutrizac. 

The latter first consulted a chiropractor for his right hip pain. As his condition was not improving, the chiropractor suggested that he see a specialist surgeon to have it replaced, but first he needed a referral from his family doctor. 

“I haven't had a family doctor for six years, unfortunately. I'm on a waiting list, ”said the man who was able to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic an hour from his home.

The medical professional saw the x-rays and gave her a prescription. Four months later, he received a call from a specialist to be told that he would have an appointment in three months in Valleyfield. 

“The specialist told me that my hip should be replaced and that I should wait two or three years before having surgery. I found another specialist online and he offered me three options. »

The first stipulated that he could have surgery for free in three years in addition to having access to a three-day hospital stay under the supervision of professionals to ensure that everything is fine. 

The second option said he could have the surgery for free within a year if he left four hours after the surgery. 

“There are nights when I am in tears and unable to sleep due to pain. To cut two years on the waiting list and to organize myself with my family is possible.” 

Finally, his last option is to pay $28,000 to have surgery in the private sector where he was reportedly transferred to the nearby private rehabilitation center with professionals on hand.
“Unfortunately, I don’t have $28,000 lying around. In addition, I would find it very unfair to pass before someone because I would have the means”, underlined the one who has been waiting for option two for seven months. 

Despite his bad luck, the 40-year-old considers himself lucky to be able to continue working. He intends to continue to patiently wait for the long-awaited call.