His audacity MARUV reminded me of Madonna, Francisco Gomez

Своей дерзостью MARUV напомнила мне Мадонну, — Франциско Гомес

Ten years ago, British dancer and choreographer Francisco Gomez first came to Ukraine on loving her forever. Seven seasons he was the host of the popular show “tantsyuyut VSI!” and at the end stuffed on his shoulder the word “Kohala”. Francisco says that miss Ukraine five years since the closing of the show, and was happy when he was invited to be a judge of the Ukrainian version of the world famous project “Dances with stars z” “1+1”.

For the second month all weekend Francisco held in Kyiv, arriving to the live show. It is recognized that for the sake of participation in the project refused to work with a star of world level. His famous “love, love, love!” expect all participants in the season, and Gomez with pleasure explains to them in love.

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“In Kiev, bubbling cultural life as anywhere in Europe”

Francisco, you almost have not changed since the refereeing in the project “tantsyuyut VSI!”. How do you do it?

Oh, thank you! You know, my mom loves the expression “black don’t crack” which means “black people age well”. So if you think I have not changed, you should say thank you mother. I admit, I’m not fond of any beauty treatments, diets or special diets — nothing. The only rule of my life is to feel happiness in the details, in every living moment. It is very important to think positively and to appreciate life for the good that it teaches us.

— What struck you most in this visit?

Ukraine is rapidly changing for the better. Here in Kiev, bubbling cultural life as anywhere in Europe. The Ukrainian production Studio shoot video Miley Cyrus and Foals, clothing your designer tries on Madonna, and the song is Ukrainian musician Cape Cod (just imagine) sounds in the new season of the legendary series “Friends”! In Ukraine a lot of talent and professionals, and I’m very happy that they declare themselves to the world. This pace of development attracts me, and, of course, good-natured people.

You few years in Ukraine. What were you doing at that time?

There was a lot of work. And I was lucky enough to get back to school. In Los Angeles I was in school presenters Marki Costello. There, by the way, was born my project in the social network Gex and the city — talk-heart-to-heart with celebrities. In it there are new episodes of Ukrainian stars. In fact, to develop a career broadcaster — today is one of my top priorities.

Which of the presenters inspires you the most?

— Bruce Forsis — British host, which, to my regret, is no longer alive. You know, it was a one-man band — he sang, danced and amused. It is impossible to tear off eyes! I admit, I would love to be exactly like him. But of the heroes of our time cannot fail to mention the Englishman James Corden — one of the most talented leaders of our time. For me it is more than just a presenter, he is a star! The interviewer, singer and actor. In short, a complete package — you get to sign it.

— Remember, when you are invited to “z Dances with stars”?

Actually, it’s a long story. After retiring from the project “tantsyuyut VSI!”, I never forgot about Ukraine. Always said that it became a second home for me, and wanted to come back here. Last year I was invited to put the choreography for a spectacular show. We came up with a great idea with incredible concept, which meant large-scale production. I had to dance with my boys in London, but, unfortunately, we have not managed to implement this project.

And after a while I learned that Dima Monatic, which in Ukraine has become a real star, go on a big tour and will not be able to continue to judge the participants “Tanzu s with a stars”. Here, the channel “1+1” invited me to become a member of the jury of the popular show. Of course, I agreed.

“Your country has given a boost to my career”

— Surely, you had to adjust your schedule?

I was working at the time. But, making a choice, we sometimes have to sacrifice anything. So I had to give up training show for the artist with a world name in favor of “Tanzu s with a stars”. I really have not appeared on Ukrainian television and Ukrainian public has always been my priority. My talk show, personal brand and Ukraine in importance to me are in the same position. Can’t even tell what from this list would prefer. Here in Ukraine, I learned the art of being a judge understand the intricacies of this work. Your country gave a certain impetus to my career, and it would be foolish to deny this fact.

Своей дерзостью MARUV напомнила мне Мадонну, — Франциско ГомесFrancisco says that their way for each live broadcast comes up with independently

— You had special requirements to the producers of the project?

Someone might get the impression that I am a real diva, but I’m actually not very demanding. If the dressing room is water and a pack of wipes, this is enough for the job. Besides I manage in between “Tanzami s with a stars” to both the show and to integrate to the Ukrainian stars.

— Your three judges as one of the most successful for all time of existence of the project.

And I agree with that. Like “Dances with stars z”, I like to work with fellow Vlad Yama and Katherine Kuhar. Yes what there to hide — all the participants of the show nice as the selection. Of course, stressful situations are, but show business without them is simply impossible to imagine either in Ukraine or in the UK or even in another galaxy.

— Whom do you like most?

— It would be unprofessional to talk about their favorites now. Especially because we all know: today you are and tomorrow, touch the feet of the bottom. Well, very important is the fact that the opinions of the audience and the judges quite often diverge. So, believe me, no one even realizes who this season will be in the finals.

“Serge is perhaps the most lovable person on the project. Sincerely sorry that he left”

But there were those who literally hit you on the floor?

— To be honest, I was very excited to see demi Lovato. He looked rather petulant, but in fact Serge is perhaps the most lovable person on the project. He worked hard, made an incredible effort over himself, and it’s damn inspiring. I was shocked when I learned that he departed from the show. Sincerely sorry. I think Serge would again and again to surprise us.

— Members will always look forward to your famous “Lav, Lav, Lav”!

— I am very pleased. But I don’t know when I’ll utter these words. It all depends on the performances. Remember, in the first week of esters I addressed “Lav, Lav, Lav” MARUV, in the second week her performance was just good, and then there was the bright rooms of other participants. In short, everyone can get the highest score, we just have to show a strong dance.

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— Do you think that MARUV like Madonna?!

— Of course, she looks like Madonna. I meant that it reminded me of Madonna because of its unpredictability, boldness and confidence. She knows what she wants and what you need to tell the audience. I really respect that. Because such quality can elevate the artist to the level of a real star.

— No MARUV or DZIDZIO, despite its popularity, failed to keep in the show.

They both showed interesting numbers. And prepared them (just think) in between concerts! Know when taking part in the project in parallel with the main work, you have almost no time for sleep. Well imagine how hard it is for musicians to combine the tour schedule with participation in the show, so truly admire the work you guys. Their departure was not a surprise for me.

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— Who picks you such vivid imagery for esters?

— Oh, you touched my other favorite part of the show. I independently come up with a way, then in Kiev, choose the fabric and pay for tailoring. Usually, I have the opportunity to attend only one, maximum two fittings, so that mistakes are unacceptable. Directly after the show the process of creating an image my second favourite part of the job in the project. After all, love to Express themselves through the prism of fashion.

— Not born the desire to go to the floor?

— I would have danced with my team from London, Ukraine to show the world of dance abroad. Gladly would have done it, if only bones didn’t break from such a bright and fiery show.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the winner of the show “Ukraine got talent” Kseniya Simonova made a splash on the talent show in the UK.

Meanwhile epatage Ukrainian singer MARUV, who left the project “Tantsi z with stars”, can become “the Best artist” in Russia — she was in an MTV award nomination.

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