His head “exploded” during a plane flight

His head “exploded” during a plane flight


A woman had a traumatic experience while boarding a plane home, the New York Post reported.  

While in Turkey, Weronika, who is a model on OnlyFans, underwent several cosmetic surgeries including cat eyes and neck straightening.

Before buying her plane ticket home, she met with her surgeon to make sure her wounds were healing normally. The doctor would also have given her permission to leave.

She would also have consulted a second doctor present at the airport to obtain authorization to take the plane.

However, the flight did not go as planned.

“Nobody made a mistake. Everything was fine when I boarded,” says the young woman. data-video-id=”7156952681192426758″ style=”max-width: 605px; min-width: 325px;” > @polish_99

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“We were on the plane and we were sleeping because we had been traveling since two in the morning. When I woke up, I felt a lot of pain,” she adds.

When she wakes up, she feels a lot of pain in her left ear. It is while going to the bathroom that she hears a “pop”.

Weronika realizes that the surgical incision behind her ear has opened.

“I I immediately felt blood running down my neck,” she says.

During the entire flight, the woman had to put pressure on her wound. 

< p>“I ended up with an infected hole behind my ear, but now everything is fine. I just have to be careful before it closes,” she said.