His son hit in the head: a “cowardly” aggression, denounces the father of the victim

His son hit on the head: «cheap

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A father horrified by the violent attack on his son last weekend denounces the “act of a coward” made by a man who sneakily hit him on the head with a bar of metal before fleeing, under the distraught gaze of his friends.

The events took place during the night of Saturday to Sunday on rue Saint-Joseph.

< p>The victim, a 19-year-old man, was seriously injured in the attack. He never saw it coming.

The armed attack was filmed and broadcast on social networks and should allow the police to make rapid progress in their investigation.

It's by the way for this reason that the father of the family gave an interview to the Journal on Tuesday afternoon.

He wants to shine the spotlight on the three men involved “and put pressure so that they are “exposed”.

“Already a sucker punch, I'm having trouble with that.” A sucker punchwith a metal bar on your head… How sick of a brain must you be? asks the man who asked that his identity and that of his son be preserved. 

The news from the hospital is encouraging, however. His son “is fine” despite everything and he suffered “a head trauma”. He also had to have surgery.

“He can talk. He has all his functions and he has no apparent neurological impairment. »

The father made the decision not to watch the video showing the alleged attacker forcefully hitting his helpless victim. He will devote his energies to his son, who will need rehabilitation. 

“He is an extraordinary little guy. He is a leader. […] He is an even more extraordinary human being,” he said before pausing, moved.

“It could have been a fatal blow”< /strong>

Two witnesses to the scene recounted the violence of the gesture in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Camille Dion-Lavoie and Sofia Siervo Alegrias, two friends of the young man who was violently attacked on Saint-Joseph Street, almost thought he was dead.

“At the time, I was sure he was dead,” said Sofia Siervo Alegrias.

She and friends were celebrating a birthday when they met the three men who came to celebrate a bachelor party.

Relatives of the victim circulated this image showing one of the three men involved in the events. The trio were celebrating a bachelor party and one of them was dressed as a woman.

A member of the trio would have taken advantage of the taking of a photo to sexually touch one of the victim's friends.

“She starts to cry, to scream. We learn that the guy tucked his fingers under her dress, he tried to get her breasts out of her dress, he grabbed her buttocks, ”lists Camille Dion-Lavoie.

The victim would then have gone in pursuit of the trio before an altercation broke out.

“That's when the other man grabs his cane and hits him behind the head and he falls to the ground,” she says, adding that he “fell head first and lost consciousness.” /p>

“It could have been a fatal blow,” says Sofia.

“We almost thought our friend was dead,” adds Ms. Dion-Lavoie, still upset by the events.&nbsp ;

Investigation in progress

The Quebec City Police Department indicated on Tuesday that the investigation, led by the Major Crimes Module, was still ongoing.

Investigators are working in partnership with the Domestic Crime and Sexual Assault Unit as elements surrounding the events need to be cleared up.

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