‘Hit his head on the ground’: new York homeless man attacked a child

In new York seven-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after a homeless man picked it up and hit his head on the ground. The brothers were expecting a pizza delivery near the house of their grandfather.History tells ABC News.

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Photo: Depositphotos

The incident occurred around 5 PM on Monday, October 7, in the area of Kew gardens in Queens in new York city.

“This emotionally deranged man took to the road, grabbed my grandson and hit his head on the ground,” said Neftali Tailor, the boy’s grandfather.

The other boy immediately ran to call for help of the parents, who at that time were in the house.

“There were two of them, and one of them ran, and when we heard him cry, we knew something was wrong,” said the Tailor.

According to police, the attacker and the children were not familiar.

For the boy, the ambulance arrived and the suspect was arrested a block and a half from the crime scene.

The child suffered serious injuries, but it is expected that he will outlive them.

“He has a concussion. He is in the pediatric intensive care unit… stable but critical condition, and I hope he’ll be okay,” said the Tailor.

The suspect was immediately arrested and taken to Jamaica hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

At the time of writing the news no charges have been filed.

Every year with the onset of cold weather in new York it seems that the homeless becomes much more. But really they are just moving from the streets to the warm metro. With the increase in the number of homeless is growing and their number of arrests. Human rights activists believe that the arrest of the poor will not solve the problem, so ForumDaily wrote earlier, as in new York, have invented a new way — trying to persuade the homeless to go to shelters on their own.