Hit Network: in Russia, found the dog with expressive eyebrows

Хит Сети: в РФ обнаружили собаку с выразительными бровями

The Network has found a dog with real eyebrows.

It is reported Life.ru.

The dog lives in the Russian city of Bratsk. A dog from the street brought to the shelter, where she stayed for a week until they found new owners.

The new owner named the dog in honor of Frida Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The woman suggests that old mutts was husky from whom she could inherit her eyebrows.

It is also reported that veterinarians confirmed the “naturalness” of the eyebrows Frida.

The dog is already executes individual commands and behaving “ladylike”. Also the landlady is planning to take your pet to the vet to find out his age.

Earlier it was reported that the dog brought the beer to his master and became a star Network.