Hit online has become a touching video with a kid live on TV

Хитом сети стало трогательное видео с ребенком в прямом эфире на ТВ

During the live broadcast of the American TV presenter the boy entered the picture and interrupted his mother’s speech.

The video was posted on Twitter. The video at the time of writing the news has already been seen over 2.6 million times. In addition, the video has gained more than 10 thousand retweets and nearly 50 thousand likes.

In the frame of the journalist of TV channel NBC leads the broadcast. Leading was wyswietlana the situation in Syria, when from behind her came a child. Baby come to Mama, to attract attention. It amuses the lead, but she immediately apologizes for the sudden appearance of his son.

“I’m sorry, my son is in the Studio. So he was my live”, — says the journalist.

Later the presenter explained that the children were in the frame accidentally. After all, she was called to conduct a live broadcast. The woman did not have time to take two sons in kindergarten, so I took them with me to the Studio.