Hockey Canada, a real dictatorship!

Hockey Canada, a real dictatorship!


Back to school time has come. But before falling into the daily news for the coming months, how about an overview of the sports topics that have caught our attention during the summer?

Let's start with Hockey Canada.

Scott Smith is still raging as the organization's president and CEO, four months after an alleged gang rape of a young woman in London was disclosed that allegedly involved eight  ;Team Canada Junior players, in 2018.

The gentleman is stubborn.

To hell with the government!

When everyone asks him to lift his paws, he went so far as to present the medals to the girls of the Canadian team who won the World Women's Hockey Championship last weekend in Denmark .

These same girls who asked for his departure, let's make it clear. How did they feel when they got their due from Scott Smith?

You don't call that arrogance anymore.

It's dictatorship, purely and simply.

Here, government people, go to hell!

Yesterday, therefore, I called the office of the Canadian Minister of Sports, Pascale St-Onge. The minister was on her way to Vancouver, where a retreat from the Cabinet of Ministers of the Trudeau cabinet began in the evening until tomorrow.

Her press officer, Ariane Joazard-Bélizaire, indicated that we should not expect a reaction from Ms. St-Onge regarding Smith's presence at the closing ceremonies of the Women's World Cup.

However, the Minister's spokesperson recalled that the Trudeau government denounced Hockey Canada's way of doing things in the scandalous affair that involved it.

“Leaders must assume their responsibilities for happened, and so far they haven't done enough,” Ms. St-Onge said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went on to say that Canadians no longer had confidence in the management of Hockey Canada.

However, Scott Smith remains firmly in power. 

Only Michael Brind'Amour has tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This story represents what Hockey Canada is, that is to say a boys club archaic that has always done things its own way.

Farewell to the Impact!

CF Montreal has found the best tool to marketing to make the Impact forget: it is having the best season in its history.

Just that!

This is a credit to sporting director Olivier Renard, head coach Wilfried Nancy and the players.

The team is fun to watch. She's spectacular and resilient.

Since the time a Montreal professional team won a championship, it would be great if CF Montreal made it all the way to the MLS Cup. 

Come on, CF!

What future for the Alouettes?

Things are not going so well, however, for the Alouettes, which are also the last professional organization from our region to have brought a cup to Montreal. 

That was in 2010.


The commissioner of the CFL, Randy Ambrosie, may say that the team is not for sale, there is reason to ask questions about the future of the concession.

Few profits

Is Éric Lapointe still interested in buying it?

If so, it would be mainly through community involvement . 

Because no matter who you talk to in the business world, there's little or no profit to be made from this football formation. 

Clarke castigates Henderson

Quebec and Canadian media are talking a lot these days about the famous Series of the Century, whose 50th anniversary is celebrated in September.

In an article published last Saturday, the columnist Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star, returns with Bobby Clarke on the batting that he had delivered to Valeri Kharlamov in the sixth match, in Moscow.

Clarke had struck the Soviet star player with both hands on his stick, breaking his ankle.

Five decades have passed and Clarke is no more repentant.

“You know what? he said, I get more compliments than criticism. More people are telling me they're glad they saw me release that damn Russian. But we must remember that 50 years ago, it was the Cold War between Canada and Russia. The Russians were the enemy. 

Typical of man

However, 30 years later, in 2002, the hero of the Canadian victory, Paul Henderson, who formed a line with Ron Ellis and Clarke in these games for the supremacy of hockey, had castigated his former teammate.

“It is not a way to win a hockey game, Henderson had said.

“Can you imagine a golfer breaking an opponent's leg with his club?” he added.

Clarke says that shortly after making the comment, Henderson called him.

“He said he told me because that he didn't want to see his grandson commit such a gesture, he told Feschuk.

“I replied that I had a grandson who also played in hockey and being taught to stand up for his teammates and not stab them in the back. Paul hung up.”

The two have not spoken since, although Henderson has publicly apologized.

For Clarke, Henderson's retraction is a quid .

  No one loves Paul better than Paul himself , he concluded.

As Jacques Beauchamp would say: no longer invite to the same party: Bobby Clarke and Paul Henderson! “Hockey Canada, a real dictatorship!” />