Hockey Canada waives membership fees for this year

Hockey Canada is waiving membership fees for this year< /p> UPDATE DAY

Hockey Canada announced Tuesday that it will not be collecting membership fees for the 2022-2023 season. 

These fees, which are of $3 per participant, had already been retained by Hockey Québec, in particular. The suspension of Hockey Canada's By-Law 11.3 thus provides a framework for this withdrawal, which will apply to all members.

Hockey Canada is currently in the midst of a restructuring after a year marked by several scandals of sexual abuse. Several emergency funds for uninsured claims, such as out-of-court settlements with victims, have been exposed by the media.

Since then, President and CEO Scott Smith, along with President Interim Board of Directors Andrea Skinner and all other Board members have resigned. A transition committee will be elected on December 17, according to one of the seven recommendations of the report of an independent review by former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell published last Thursday.