Hockey players fed up with being deprived of their ice

Hockey players fed up with being deprived of their ice


Aréna André Lacroix has been closed since 2020 for repairs, and the local minor hockey association, forced to play in another obsolete building, is exasperated and demands more transparency from the City de Lévis. 

“It's a disaster”, summarizes Martin Roy, operations manager of the Pointe-Lévy Minor Hockey Organization (OHMPL). “We are without answers and it is the players who suffer. There is no follow-up. It is a big lack and yet it is the money of the tax payers. »

The OHMPL, which has some 700 players, regrets the slowness of the work to replace the refrigeration system. She wonders when she will be able to truly regain access to her local ice rink, at the André Lacroix arena. This is the third full hockey season spent with the arena closed.

To compensate for the lack, athletes must play in the very dilapidated Saint-Romuald arena. The latter had been closed in 2015, and Mayor Gilles Lehouillier had indicated that it had to be demolished because it was too outdated and expensive to renovate. 

It was used for three years as a municipal garage before being reopened for sports. But it is a completely inadequate place, since it is no longer up to standard, denounces the OHMPL, in addition to being a good distance from the place of residence of the players.

Postponed again

Over time, several reopening dates have been mentioned for André Lacroix, without ever materializing.

The last one in the running, January 2023 , has once again been postponed, resulting in a shortfall of 200 hours of ice, which we have to grab elsewhere, as far as Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse and Quebec.

A recent meeting with Mayor Lehouillier did not yield more precise information, the organization said. 

The OHMPL deplores more broadly that the City of Lévis is neglecting its sports facilities related to ice sports, which it says are “obsolete”, in favor of other equipment such as bike paths.

“Conscious of the impacts”< /p>

The City of Lévis says it is “aware of the impacts of the situation on the users of this infrastructure and is doing everything possible to support organizations and provide safe and quality equipment as soon as possible,” said spokesperson Nicole Rodrigue.  

“Significant deficiencies” were observed during the repair work of the refrigeration system and the concrete slab, and the replacement of a water main caused additional delays, he explains -on.

We expect to reopen in mid-February 2023, adds Ms. Rodrigue.

For the City, the Saint-Romuald arena is “a temporary and safe option in order to compensate for the reduction in ice hours caused by the work in progress at the André Lacroix arena.”

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