Holders of shares of “Motor Sich” sold their shares to Chinese investors

Design Bureau “Ivchenko-Progress” will remain the intellectual property of the company and will not be sold together with the shares of the Ukrainian company “Motor Sich”.

Владельцы акций «Мотор Сич» продали свои акции китайским инвесторам

Skyrizon Chinese company has already acquired over 50% stake in the Zaporizhia plant. This was announced by the Director of the Bureau and General designer Igor Kravchenko, the website Wings.

“All intellectual property that is created by the Progress recorded in Progress. It’s written in all contracts. Progress was sold to no one. It is the state. He’s an independent. All the technologies recorded over it,” – said Kravchenko.

However, he noted that a future investor Motor Sich will not be able to cooperate with the Bureau.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company “Motor Sich” could become the property of informal adviser to the President of the United States. We are talking about the founder of infamous private military company Blackwater (now Academi) Eric Prince, who expressed interest in buying the company.

The sources recalled that Washington tried to prevent the purchase of “Motor Sich” a group of Chinese companies.

Prince was interested in the plant. However, he wanted to get a list of customers of the company and that the company has kept the Ukrainian registration. According to the newspaper, over the last five years, Americans have visited Ukraine at least nine times.

And last year, the SBU was at the “Motor Sich” with searches. Later the Ministry reported on the prevention of the withdrawal of the company abroad, calling it an act of sabotage against the economy and defense of the country.