‘Holiday from hell’: mystical cruise on the fjords ended with the revolt of the passengers

Passengers of the luxury liner staged a mutiny after their cruise turned into a “holiday from hell”.

'Праздник из ада': мистический круиз по фьордам закончился бунтом пассажиров

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2 000 tourists have paid to 5,300 pounds ($ 6 592) each for a “mystical tour of the fjords” with excursions in France, Amsterdam, Norway and Iceland, writes Daily Mail.

In spite of such a welcome rest, passengers described the two-week cruise as “the worst journey in history”. It all began after the ship, which sailed from Southampton on September 27, not docked in Amsterdam due to strong winds.

The captain sent the ship to Norway, where the ship docked in the “abandoned” city, which, as it turned out, was closed for tourists and famous fjords could only be seen in the distance.

'Праздник из ада': мистический круиз по фьордам закончился бунтом пассажиров

Photo: Depositphotos

Stop in Reykjavik was canceled and replaced with a trip to Greenock, near Glasgow, but the ship with a length of 900 feet was denied a mooring, and the captain decided instead to go to Belfast.

At this point, the passengers endured three days at sea, and the sewage system of the ship broke. Many passengers said food in restaurants “obsolete.”

Outrage ensued after the American operator Norwegian Cruise Line refused full refunds and offered the passengers a 25 percent voucher for a future cruise.

After such development of events hundreds of passengers decided to protest in the large atrium of the ship with posters, “Shame on you” and “We want refunds”.

Passengers, including British, American and Chinese tourists, shouting: “Take us to London!” before the crew members and guards. There were those who demanded a meeting with the captain.

Mass protests, the passengers began to broadcast online, but one tourist said that the crew shut down the Internet.

“On this ship many evil people and there is no adequate explanation for what’s happening,” said 48-year-old Dean Roland from Taunton, Devon.

Debbie fuller of Los Angeles announced that the crew without explanation took away the passports of some passengers. She added: “They will not communicate with us or tell us something. We were promised this incredible trip to an amazing place, but it turned into the holiday from hell”.

31-year-old Cody Mcnutt from Denver, Colorado, complains: “We made an unscheduled stop in a small Norwegian town, but soon found out that he was from September 25 closed for tourists, so we had nothing to do and nowhere to eat. Today is the last straw. We had to go to Iceland”.

Many of the passengers left the ship after a stop in Belfast, and decided to go back to London.

76-ton Norwegian Spirit offers 17 restaurants, including a Steakhouse and a Japanese restaurant, 12 bars and Lounges, casino, Spa, theater, fitness center and water Park for children. Luxury suites are up to 5300 pounds ($ 6 592) per person and includes a living room, dining room and separate bedroom as well as round the clock Butler service and Concierge service. Prices for cabins start from £ 1799 ($ 237 2) for “internal” rooms and prices rooms with ocean views and a balcony exceed £ 2,000 ($ 2 487).

The representative of the Norwegian Cruise Line said: “Norwegian Spirit forced to cancel its way into Greenock due to weather conditions and because of delays caused by the Navy ship, which was broken.”