Hollywood actor James Franco sued

Aspiring actress filed a lawsuit that lists claims for 14 points.

На голливудского актера Джеймса Франко подали в суд

American actor James Franco accused of sexual domagatelstva former students of his film school Studio 4. According to the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent, October 3, aspiring actress Sarah teeter-Kaplan and Tony Gaal filed a lawsuit in a California court, it lists claims for 14 points.

The defendants in addition to Franco became his partners in the school and production company Rabbit Bandini Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis.

Advocates argue that girls “fraudulently forced to pay for operation under the guise of learning in film school”. Franco, how do you think the plaintiff wanted “to organize a steady flow of girls for sexual purposes for personal and professional purposes under the guise of education.”

In addition to the $ 300 per month of study, the school is about two thousand dollars for workshops on specific areas, the most famous of which was the class on shooting sex scenes, in which he taught himself Franco.

Representative Franco Michael Plonsker has called the lawsuit abusive and promised that the actor will not only to challenge, but will submit a counter claim for compensation.