Hollywood Actresses who were born in rich families

Jennifer aniston in the TV series “Friends” actually embodied the image itself. With her rich daddy used to go shopping with a credit card dad. Parents John aniston and Nancy Dow, who made a successful career in film, guaranteed daughter the ticket to a successful life.

Голливудские актрисы, которые родились в богатых семьях

She wore only Haute Couture, he studied at prestigious schools in new York and Los Angeles, but Hollywood decided without the help of parents. Then was the role of Rachel in the TV series “Friends”, but as his famous character, she had a good break off. The first film with Jennifer aniston about the leprechaun was so disastrous that it became a cult among fans
lame movies. Jennifer decided to hide this fact in his biography from her ex-husband Justin Theroux.

Bathed in the glow of parental glory actress drew Barrymore, who grew up in the midst of the Hollywood crowd. Everyone from the grandfather to the star in her family made a contribution to the film industry. Parents so wanted her to chose a film career that already at 11 months took it off in the promotional video, and a few years later she debuted at the Steven Spielberg – one of the most successful American filmmakers and, for the reconciliation, her godfather. Star family Barrymore could have a good laugh, one could not have imagined that the girl who at 11 months will perform his first role in 11 years I’ll try my first glass of alcohol. And at 13 went to rehab rehab.

Голливудские актрисы, которые родились в богатых семьях

Rich dad barely coped with such a daredevil. But since drew Barrymore took over the head, movies with her participation has grossed over $ 2.3 billion.