Home care: more resources to better equip natural caregivers

Home care: more resources to better equip caregivers


Given the aging of the population, Quebec must better equip 1.5 million caregivers to develop home health care, believes the Montreal Economic Institute.

By 2030, a quarter of the Quebec population will be over 65, which the current network of long-term care residences will not be able to absorb, while the elderly are not yet able to have a place in CHSLDs.

However, believes the MEI, as long as we adequately develop the home care system with new ways of doing things and better tools for natural caregivers, the pressure on the CHSLDs will fall by itself, which will free up more hospital beds.

The organization is proposing possible solutions for developing the home care network, which must be seen as a complement to CHSLDs, with substantial funding, part of which could be devoted to a training program for caregivers ls.

“Most older people prefer to stay at home as they get older. This is why the government must improve the offer of home services rather than favoring CHSLDs,” argued Thursday, in a press release, Maria Lily Shaw, economist and associate researcher at the MEI.

“Having access to reliable, quality home care can allow seniors to maintain control over their daily lives. In addition, living in a familiar environment and preserving their autonomy can have a positive impact on their sense of well-being and their quality of life,” she added.