Home remedies capable of preventing cold

Doctors called the best home remedies that will help to protect against colds and flu. According to experts, prevention is the most effective way to prevent infections.

Домашние средства, способные предотвратить простуду

First and foremost, doctors-immunologists recommend before going out to lubricate the sinuses based ointment of interferon. These medicines will help to protect the body from the carriers of the disease, which is primarily deposited on the nasal mucosa. Equally effective can be essential oil. Doctors recommend applying a few drops of product on a handkerchief and periodically them to breathe. This is perfect oil of fir, sage and lavender. House for disinfection of premises is possible to use special aromalamp. To protect yourself from colds and flu will also help cloves and orange or lemon peel. It is recommended to keep in your mouth and chew. Contained in these substances will stimulate the immune system.

In addition, doctors recommend regular air home room, do wet cleaning and eat right. In the diet should be to introduce healthy fats and vitamins. Very important is hygiene. According to doctors, modern viruses are survivability and can long persist on different surfaces, so hands should be washed frequently, it is not necessary not to touch their face, especially the nose, eyes and mouth.