Homemade facial masks: how and from what material it is better to do

Why it is best to make a mask, if the hand is not ready, which can usually be bought at a pharmacy? If you are at home you want to make a mask, first the question arises: why? With t-shirts? They all have different thickness. Why not try a kitchen towel or a handkerchief, or even a paper towel. Edition of the BBC understand the properties of all materials.

Самодельные маски для лица: как и из какой ткани лучше их делать

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Smart Air is a social enterprise that is experiencing a degree of protection of the masks from contamination. In a tube pumped air in and check what percentage of particles the size of a coronavirus can pass through different types of materials.

The researchers found that it is better to block the particles of coffee filters, kitchen towels and nylon, but through them it is impossible to breathe.

“We found that the best materials for masks, tissue paper, light cloth and jeans. Old jeans and sheets, very good fit,” says the head of Smart Air Paddy Robertson.

In many countries gained momentum in the manufacture of protective masks from scrap materials.

Monks in Thailand use the cloth of their robes, and the US surgeon General published a video tutorial, how to make a mask. But part of the proposed materials are too porous.

“We checked 3 different light scarf, and all of them are very poorly filtered small particles,” says Robertson.

“To determine whether suitable material for the mask, attach it to the light and see how it flows. This will give you a General idea of whether the filter material particles. More light means that the material will flow more particles effective one that transmits less light,” adds Robertson.

However Robertson says that their study is not an absolute given.

“The best materials we found, filtered from 30% to 40%, it is better than nothing, but obviously does not solve the problem,” says Robertson.

In addition, all over the world are increasing the rate of production of surgical masks, so soon they will have all who will need them, but even these masks may not ensure full protection.


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