“Homophobia event”: Dagobert dismisses an employee


The Dagobert recognizes that there was a “homophobia event” within his establishment last Saturday and fires an employee who did not respect his policies by responding to the situation.

In a message published Monday evening on its Facebook page, the Grande Allée nightclub apologizes “sincerely for the homophobia event that occurred on the evening of July 9

Remember that on the same social network, a client, Nicolas Gaudreault, denounced on Sunday that he would have been “shown the door” with his boyfriend and a friend from the bar “since we were too HOMOSEXUAL (sic) for a certain clientele and that we bothered.” Her post has been shared more than 800 times.

“After further verification, questioning and viewing of images, we found that an employee who acted as a waitress took the initiative to suggest to customers to move or leave,” explains the Dagobert.

Although “the version remains different between that of the employee and the customers […] the fact remains that these are not the instructions that employees must follow at Dagobert”, continues the company. /p>

These are that situations of homophobia or disrespectful or violent customers must be reported to a member of “management”, who alone can approve an eviction.

“During this evening, ill-intentioned customers should have been expelled. The employee in question was fired on Monday morning after our checks,” said the business. first message, attracting criticism from several Internet users.

While he recognized from the start “that there were indeed homophobic people who made inappropriate comments”, the establishment took defense of his employee in this first statement.

It was stated that his purpose, in asking the group targeted by the hurtful remarks to move, “was simply […] to protect the customers targeted by the time to expel homophobic customers who were passing through Quebec” for the Summer Festival.

“The Dagobert has been hiring people of diversity since the beginning of the 80s […]. No homophobic behavior has ever and will ever be tolerated at the Dagobert”, insists the bar which undertook on Monday to better train its employees and to organize a charity event to “promote the acceptance of diversity”.