Homophobic event: Dagobert employees would have received threats

Homophobic event: Dagobert employees allegedly received threats


Le Dagobert regrets that some of its employees have received threats in the wake of allegations of homophobia last weekend and does not rule out a lawsuit against singer Émile Bilodeau for having contributed, according to him, to this climate.

According to co-owner Jean-Frédéric Laberge, employees of the establishment were verbally abused by passers-by while they were working on the terrace on Sunday evening.

He claims that objects were thrown in their direction and that one of them, a security employee, was physically attacked.

“He was on the edge of the terrace. A customer came by and yelled something at that employee about homosexuality, and he headbutted him straight on the head.”

On social networks, “we received hate messages, there are thousands,” he says.

Call for a boycott of the bar

Mr. Laberge makes a connection with Émile Bilodeau's concert on Sunday evening at the Parc de la Francophonie, during which he invited spectators to boycott his establishment.

“He incited people to hatred” , he argues, saying not to rule out a lawsuit against the singer-songwriter.

Singer Émile Bilodeau called for a boycott of the establishment during his show at the Festival d'été de Québec, Sunday evening .

“People left the show. When they left the show, that's when they attacked the employees,” he said.

“We are analyzing the situation, we are talking about it with our lawyers.”

Mr. Bilodeau's team reacted by email to these Dagobert allegations.

“In response to news in the media concerning the bar Le Dagobert and in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, Émile Bilodeau invited the spectators present at his FEQ show to boycott the establishment and to sing with him “Fuck le Dagobert”. Under no circumstances did Émile incite his fans to attack the bar or anyone else,” says Justine A.-Lebrun, communications strategist and press relations officer for the Bravo musique label.

< p>Arrested for assault

For its part, the Quebec City Police Department has confirmed that a 23-year-old suspect from outside the province was arrested around 11 p.m. Sunday at Dagobert for assaulting a security guard.

However, the police are unable to state the reason for the arrest. altercation nor to make a link with the allegations of an alleged case of homophobia, Saturday evening.

The spokesperson for the SPVQ could not specify whether incidents involving other passers-by took place.

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