Hong Kong has banned a protest March in the 70th anniversary of the PRC, but prepare for the riots, and even murders (PHOTO)

В Гонконге запретили протестный марш в 70-ю годовщину КНР, но готовятся к беспорядкам и даже убийствам (ФОТО)

Hong Kong has banned a large protest March planned for the 70-th anniversary of the founding of people’s Republic of China, which is celebrated on 1 October. Authority of the special administrative region of China rejected the attempt of the organizers to appeal previous ban, according to DW with reference to the “Civil human rights front” (CHRF).

In addition, local media have reported the detention of several activists, including local politicians and actors. In particular, according to RTHK broadcasting Corporation, September 30, police arrested 40-year-old Gregory Wong actor and political activist Ventus Lau. They both are suspected of involvement in the storming of the Legislative Council on 1 July and there perpetrated the massacre.

In CHRF believe the arrests an attempt to intimidate other protesters. However, this tactic does not work, believe in the organization because the people of Hong Kong “has already demonstrated that it will not surrender.” The activists intend to hold a March despite a ban authorities.

Meanwhile, police warned that the national day in Hong Kong promises to be “very, very dangerous.” According to chief superintendent John TSE received intelligence about possible attacks by radical protesters, whose actions he called loved ones to terrorism. In particular, the demonstrators allegedly calling to kill cops and other people disguised as guards, and set fire to gas stations and buildings.

After the briefing, police sent out a message warning Hong Kong residents about the impending protests and possible riots. Due to the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong have reduced the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, reports TASS with reference to the Protocol service of the local administration.

In particular canceled fireworks over Victoria harbour, and the morning ceremony of raising the flags under sounds of the anthem in the open area will be held without the public. For security purposes, guests will watch the broadcast of this event on screens inside the exhibition centre where the following will be a reception.

The head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, key Ministers of her government, many lawmakers will not attend this event. On Monday they flew to Beijing the delegation, which included more than 240 people, to participate in the celebrations in Tiananmen square, where on Tuesday held a military parade. It is reported that Lam will return to Hong Kong on the evening of 1 October through Shenzhen, while lack of it will substitute for the chief Secretary (the chief Minister) Matthew Zhang.

Protests continue in Hong Kong since the beginning of summer of the seventeenth week in a row. The reason for the demonstrations was an attempt by the authorities to adopt the bill on extradition, which allows to give offenders mainland China. Despite the decision of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam to abandon this initiative, protests continue. The participants need to convene an independent Commission to investigate police brutality during the dispersal of protests, release all detained activists, and to cease to classify the protests as “riots”, as well as to carry out electoral reform for the introduction of direct democratic elections in Hong Kong.