Hope Meyher admired appearance without makeup

As it became known that Nadezhda Meyher surprised his fans photo without makeup. Many appreciated her natural beauty

Надежда Мейхер восхитила внешним видом без макияжа

So, the other day in Instagram Hope Meyher appeared a photo, which the singer captured in an autumn forest. The Nadia simple sweater and jacket, and on her face there is not an ounce of makeup.

“Breathe, not to breathe every autumn day, anticipating the arrival of winter, spring, summer… and in the life of man, to replace one state, mood , comes another, replacing one age, another comes… But only one thing consistently— Soul— embodied in the desire to know, the desire to return “home not with empty hands””, – shared his thoughts with fans Meyher.

In the comments of the fans of the singer noted for her natural beauty and gave thanks for the honest photos without retouching: “Nadia, you are always beautiful without makeup”, “it is very good that publish pictures without photoshop”, “I still admire you!” “year over Nadia is not subject to”, “beautiful as always”.
So, Hope Meyher not rarely shows itself to fans without makeup. Many come just to the indescribable delight. It is worth saying that the actress looks very well and to follow him to achieve this effect.
She also eats right to maintain a good figure. Do not eat unhealthy food, which causes weight gain and affects the deterioration of all organs.