Hope Meyher told about their priorities

Ex-“VIA Gra”, singer, designer, and now aspiring actress Nadezhda Meyher always been for their fans to be the personification of femininity and sexuality. Her candid photosets and exciting forms still excite the minds of the fans, and the artist called “Ukrainian Monica Bellucci”. In interview to the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine”, she frankly admitted, that were apprehensive about the idea of marriage, and also spoke of the role of creativity in their lives.

Надежда Мейхер рассказала о своих приоритетах

Despite the fact that 2002, Hope gave birth to first child, a son Igor from businessman Alexander Lishchenko, to say goodbye to the stage she was not.

“I thought – no. My son and I – this is family. When I got pregnant, I felt that I’m absolutely ready. But still, I really wanted creative implementation”, — admitted the singer.

After the birth of a son, Hope, without thinking, returned to his native team because he claimed a lot of girls, but to give it to someone she didn’t want.

“I wasn’t thinking about the family. I thought that should always be available internally free. I was afraid of marriage that it put me in some kind of framework”, — explained its decision by the singer.

Neither the position of Alexander in the community, nor financial possibilities, nor the presence of the joint son was unable to keep the star next to a businessman, because self-realization was to her in the first place.