Hope Meyher told how the men she met on the way

In an exclusive interview to the program “Ranok z with Ukraine“, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine“, artist Nadezhda Meyher told about motherhood, and what men she had met on the way, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Ivona.

Надежда Мейхер рассказала, каких мужчин она встречала на своем пути

“I have seen too many men in the business giants of thought, and in his personal life turn into a child who begins to depend on you and tries to make you dependent“, – said Nadezhda Meyher in “the Wound W with Ukraine“.

All could change only one person – the businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev.

“When I met, so to speak his fate – Mike, we had a very difficult period. Like my man, but how to find myself in this relationship? Over time, of course, I’ve learned that feeling that I have a family“ – admitted the actress.

In 2012, the couple had a daughter Anya. Only her birth forced Hope to turn the page under the name “VIA Gra“. And after 3 years the couple had a second daughter Maria.

“I didn’t expect that I would become a mother of three children. I am incredibly happy, but I was not prepared. Did not expect that there can be such a mom, which is sometimes not even the right place. Mom who cares,“ commented Hope in the broadcast channel “Ukraine“.